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Pet fair

20 Apr

Last weekend there was a pet fair in Lleida. It is held every year in the Camps Elisis park. There was a display of different kinds of pets and there was an agility show with dogs of many different breeds. Also there were ponies for the children to ride.

First, there were common pets: cats, dogs, rabbits… Notice the cat has two different eye colors.




There was also a section with an exhibition of birds of prey and owls where children could have their photo taken with the birds:



There were also more unusual pets such as Vietnamese piglets, parrots, chinchillas, ferrets and others.





The ferret looked like it was more than ready for a nap. It was a good display and a nice opportunity to see animals close up.


The cat model

7 Apr


I was recently given a new reflex camera and I am still learning all the concepts for photography. It is a lot more complicated than it looks.

Today I was using the camera to take photos of my bags for my shop when I turn around and I see my cat Nin in the first pose enjoying the sun. I could not resist and I started shooting. Usually my cat just shoots away when he hears the click of the camera, but today he kindly decided to pose, yes, literally pose, for the camera.

He looked so cute and relaxed enjoying the sun. He really looks like he is live, very natural. I want to be like my cat, with nothing better to do than to lie in the sun and relax all day. What a hard life!

What the crow says…

28 Mar

I am starting a new section in my blog about photos of cities. It could be weird, funny or beautiful photos. Basically anything that catches my eye for whatever reason.

This is a photo of something which just caught my attention passing by an alleyway in my city. I couldn’t resist as it is kind of odd and I took a photo with my mobile phone. What the crow actually says is “f*** you”… Sorry, I didn’t say it, the crow did.

And so did Andrea Fabra the MP representative of the PP during a session of the Spanish parliament. They were discussing the situation of the Spanish economy and those were her words to refer to the unemployed in Spain. Something that didn’t go down well among them. So maybe the crow is copying our MPs.


Why my blog is called happysewingcat

27 Mar

The reason is my cat Nin. He has been living with my husband and I for the last 11 years. He keeps me company while I sew and seems absolutely fascinated by the movement of my hands when I am hand sewing. I believe there is quite a lot of people who like both sewing and cats, judging by the amount of people who sew and live with cats.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Recently he had a serious health problem that started with a liver problem and developed into multiple organ failure. I thought he wasn’t going to make it but after almost a month of medication he is back to his old self. I feel so relieved. You don’t realize how much our pets mean to us until we are about to lose them. He is getting so spoiled now!

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