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What to do with all those trousers legs.

29 Mar

Hi everyone. Have you ever wondered what to do with those trousers that you can’t wear anymore because the seam between the legs got ripped? Don’t throw them away! The rest of the trousers are perfectly good usable sturdy fabric.

Idea 1: Make a case and heat mat for your flat iron. I used bias tape reps tape and check linen for the lining. There is a pocket to hold the flat iron on the inside and a small pocket for the cable on the outside in case you need to store the iron while it’s still hot.ImageImage

Idea 2: Go over the Martha Stewart and check out this page http://www.marthastewart.com/265802/crafters-apron for the instructions and the pattern for the crafters apron. I used one of my husband’s old trousers, self made bias tape and a remnant piece of fabric for the border and the ties of the apron. ImageImage

So, have fun sewing and recycling. I hope you find the post useful!

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